Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frugal is fun

Except I'm not very good at it. I did well the first week of my budgeting. Then some sales were on and I stocked up on Huggies because I love Huggies ($120), then I saw kitty litter ($90)on sale and then Bio Zet ($20)was on sale.. so there went the budget...Then the car insurance was due ($301), now this week I've just had to get my CV joints on the car fixed ($570) and that was my whole fortnight's savings used up on that one as well as getting to animals desexed. vaccinated and microchipped ($350)to boot!
We are cooking our food from scratch nearly 90% of the time now though including sauces. Rosie is enjoying cooking a lot and so far we've perfected Greek yoghurt, our special 3 ingredient cake, a rich No fuss chocolate fudge cake, a no bake cheesecake slice, a coconut loaf and a tuna and corn slice - all very delicious and cheap to make. I only cook things that don't require me to cream the butter and sugar as I detest getting the mixer out. now if I had a glorious Kenwood chef I don't think I'd mind getting it out to look at it. Imagine if they came in PINK.. I'd be in love with it. So mostly mix and cook stuff. Of course it's all from the Simple Savings website that i am very pleased I joined. I thought it was a bit expensive at first but I've certainly go my $47 worth since I joined that's for sure.
Oh another thing I splurged on for myself ($24 if that is a splurge) was some purfume. Yes it's Britney Spears but it's so delicious you must go and smell it at the chemist. It's the Fantasy one and is a sweet, playful fragrance with top notes of red lychee, golden quince, and kiwi, followed by a heart of cupcakes, white chocolate orchid, and jasmine, and a base of creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods and seriously just smells delicous!
It's EKKA time and my brother has offered to take Rosie to it with him and his family tomorrow but she was supposed to have her room cleaned by 4pm YESTERDAY and hasn't even picked up one dirty sock yet and it's 8pm TODAY! so I don't know what to do... well I know I should stick by my decision and she doesn't go but then I think she'd like to go and I should negotiate with her and let her go somehow but she's in there just playing and taking the piss so I can feel a bit dissapointed that she really doesnt give a rats arse if she cleans her room or not.... Anyway the kitchen is calling me it's a mess and I have some people coming over in the morning so I better get a cracking!

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Anonymous said...

i hate shopping because i know that i am going to spend way more than i have!! you must share your fudge cake recipe with me:) xx polly