Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Day One of my Frugal life..

Have toyed with the idea that I'm "frugal" for years now only to realise after a day or two that it's a load of crap and I'm not frugal at all. Lazy perhaps, too lazy to go to the shops but not frugal.

HOWEVER!! I have joined an online savings website and am addicted to learning more and more about saving and reducing my cost of living. I have now purchased a budgeting wallet which arrived today.. the first day of my frual existance.

It was a lot of fun to set up my wallet and handle that much money. I am going to win my war on money wastage and save up enough to buy a people mover.. yes a people mover is my motivation in all this frugality.

Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help me make a list of my pantry, freezer and fridge contents because I'm sure my compulsive grocery shopping habits of the past has allowed me to accumulate enough foodstocks to feed my family of five for at least two or three weeks without the purchase of any further foods other than perhaps milk, fruit and vegetables.

I am ready for the challenge and am looking forward to it!

Tonight... I made chocolate chip biscuits from a cake mix which cost all of 69cents and a Pineapple cake which was made from three ingredients.. one of which was a can of pineapple which has been hiding out in the back of my fridge since 2 xmas's ago..
Well day one has gone well... am looking forward to menu planning tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

i knew if i checked this often enough it might just contain a new blog one day. nice to see your frugal bum on here again. x polly

Anonymous said...

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