Sunday, August 31, 2008

And she's gone...

little Shayla only stayed for 24 hours and was then reunited with her Mum. It was a good outcome for her and her mum even though I would have loved to have her stay for a little longer- she was just soo tiny!
Oh well...the four I have keep me busy and I can wait until one of them leaves until a baby comes for good.. but then I won't say no if they offer me another placement in the mean time of a baby. The 4 year old is hopefully moving on in a few weeks time and that will be a relief as she's a prickly child and I just can't take to her at all.
I have asked my landlord if he will consider installing fans in our bedrooms and lounge room.. will be interesting to see what he says. I have a feeling he will say no - I have offered to contribute to the cost so hopefully that will be an incentive - who knows.. .fingers crossed.
Am minding the niece tonight as my brother and his wife have taken the girl to see Roar play a soccer game with her soccer team as a break up activity. Was too hard to contemplate going myself with the other children to either take or be minded.. easier to ask him to take her.
That's it for now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a quick message

A new member of the family joined us today.. her name is Shayla and she is 12 days old and so very tiny. ...... goodbye sleep

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another week, another year and rambling

Rosie's birthday party was a great success! the girls all had fun and it was such an easy party as a parent to "run" ie show up and pay for it all. Seems that the going trend in gift giving is to give cash or gift cards so Rosie ended up with some birthday cash that was burning a hole in her pocket so we went to big w yesterday and she bought a skating DS game. I have asked her to think about what else she would really like to save up and buy with the rest of it as I don't want her to regret spending it on nothing in particular.

Today I have one off on a visit to see grandma and great grandma, two asleep and one sickie (Rosie) she has headache and tummy ache apparently. Did puke at about midnight so have given her the day off.

Tomorrow we go and see a specialist for some more testing for Rosie so another lump of cash to part with for the privilege.

Being very non frugal for a moment, I hired a new cleaner. She cleans very well BUT she has MOVED absolutely everything! took me over an hour to find the tv remote control in my bedroom... the laundry is so clean but she's just moved everything to one side and stacked it all up, she put the few dirty breakfast dishes that were on the sink into the big container I keep the baby bottles and emptied the vacumn cleaner bag in the garden outside the front door. She won't use my mop or my vacumn. Am pissed about that as I don't like her mop and I have a fantastic dyson that does a fantastic job which I am going to ask her to use next week as she just uses a cheap little piece of crap and seeing as though I have kids crawling around on the floor I'd prefer a better Vacumn cleaner be used.. I'm sure she also used all the stain remover spraying it on something else... it's empty and it was a brand new bottle...I am scared though. How can I bring this up?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The girl is 10... can you believe...

not only is she going to be 10 years old.. but that she made it through 10 years.. or perhaps I should say I made it through 10 years of her being around. Holy moly it's been quite something.

Tomorrow she is having a birthday party at a skating rink with some friends so that will be great for her. I don't really know any of her friends so perhaps it will open doors for her to invite some home and be invited home to their houses for play dates or sleep overs etc. Not that I'm ready for her to go on sleep overs at anyone's house, but a play date is cool with me.

She spied her birthday presents hidden in my wardrobe and she knows she is getting a scooter but I'm not sure if she's seen the rest of her presents. She's scored well let me tell you and I'm not sure what came over me as I collected the gifts over the past six months. From memory she's getting the scooter, an MP4 player, a thingy dooby I can't think what it's called, two books, a keyring with soccer things on it and other things I just can't remember. Will let you know later when I go wrap them.

I've made some groovy laynard things for the girls to wear at the party tommorrow that say VIP Guest and their name... pretty funky if you ask me - which you didn't... but Oh well lol.

Here's to Rosie's first 10 years and lets hope she sees her 11th birthday LOL

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frugal is fun

Except I'm not very good at it. I did well the first week of my budgeting. Then some sales were on and I stocked up on Huggies because I love Huggies ($120), then I saw kitty litter ($90)on sale and then Bio Zet ($20)was on sale.. so there went the budget...Then the car insurance was due ($301), now this week I've just had to get my CV joints on the car fixed ($570) and that was my whole fortnight's savings used up on that one as well as getting to animals desexed. vaccinated and microchipped ($350)to boot!
We are cooking our food from scratch nearly 90% of the time now though including sauces. Rosie is enjoying cooking a lot and so far we've perfected Greek yoghurt, our special 3 ingredient cake, a rich No fuss chocolate fudge cake, a no bake cheesecake slice, a coconut loaf and a tuna and corn slice - all very delicious and cheap to make. I only cook things that don't require me to cream the butter and sugar as I detest getting the mixer out. now if I had a glorious Kenwood chef I don't think I'd mind getting it out to look at it. Imagine if they came in PINK.. I'd be in love with it. So mostly mix and cook stuff. Of course it's all from the Simple Savings website that i am very pleased I joined. I thought it was a bit expensive at first but I've certainly go my $47 worth since I joined that's for sure.
Oh another thing I splurged on for myself ($24 if that is a splurge) was some purfume. Yes it's Britney Spears but it's so delicious you must go and smell it at the chemist. It's the Fantasy one and is a sweet, playful fragrance with top notes of red lychee, golden quince, and kiwi, followed by a heart of cupcakes, white chocolate orchid, and jasmine, and a base of creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods and seriously just smells delicous!
It's EKKA time and my brother has offered to take Rosie to it with him and his family tomorrow but she was supposed to have her room cleaned by 4pm YESTERDAY and hasn't even picked up one dirty sock yet and it's 8pm TODAY! so I don't know what to do... well I know I should stick by my decision and she doesn't go but then I think she'd like to go and I should negotiate with her and let her go somehow but she's in there just playing and taking the piss so I can feel a bit dissapointed that she really doesnt give a rats arse if she cleans her room or not.... Anyway the kitchen is calling me it's a mess and I have some people coming over in the morning so I better get a cracking!