Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another week, another year and rambling

Rosie's birthday party was a great success! the girls all had fun and it was such an easy party as a parent to "run" ie show up and pay for it all. Seems that the going trend in gift giving is to give cash or gift cards so Rosie ended up with some birthday cash that was burning a hole in her pocket so we went to big w yesterday and she bought a skating DS game. I have asked her to think about what else she would really like to save up and buy with the rest of it as I don't want her to regret spending it on nothing in particular.

Today I have one off on a visit to see grandma and great grandma, two asleep and one sickie (Rosie) she has headache and tummy ache apparently. Did puke at about midnight so have given her the day off.

Tomorrow we go and see a specialist for some more testing for Rosie so another lump of cash to part with for the privilege.

Being very non frugal for a moment, I hired a new cleaner. She cleans very well BUT she has MOVED absolutely everything! took me over an hour to find the tv remote control in my bedroom... the laundry is so clean but she's just moved everything to one side and stacked it all up, she put the few dirty breakfast dishes that were on the sink into the big container I keep the baby bottles and emptied the vacumn cleaner bag in the garden outside the front door. She won't use my mop or my vacumn. Am pissed about that as I don't like her mop and I have a fantastic dyson that does a fantastic job which I am going to ask her to use next week as she just uses a cheap little piece of crap and seeing as though I have kids crawling around on the floor I'd prefer a better Vacumn cleaner be used.. I'm sure she also used all the stain remover spraying it on something else... it's empty and it was a brand new bottle...I am scared though. How can I bring this up?

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agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

tricky situation, it was on grumpy old women last week. they were so funny talking about how great their cleaner was that they didnt want to upset them! bloody hell frugal moment out the window for you. can you pay a cleaner to do our house:P glad the rosies party went well. lay a big wet kiss on her from me. x polly