Saturday, August 23, 2008

The girl is 10... can you believe...

not only is she going to be 10 years old.. but that she made it through 10 years.. or perhaps I should say I made it through 10 years of her being around. Holy moly it's been quite something.

Tomorrow she is having a birthday party at a skating rink with some friends so that will be great for her. I don't really know any of her friends so perhaps it will open doors for her to invite some home and be invited home to their houses for play dates or sleep overs etc. Not that I'm ready for her to go on sleep overs at anyone's house, but a play date is cool with me.

She spied her birthday presents hidden in my wardrobe and she knows she is getting a scooter but I'm not sure if she's seen the rest of her presents. She's scored well let me tell you and I'm not sure what came over me as I collected the gifts over the past six months. From memory she's getting the scooter, an MP4 player, a thingy dooby I can't think what it's called, two books, a keyring with soccer things on it and other things I just can't remember. Will let you know later when I go wrap them.

I've made some groovy laynard things for the girls to wear at the party tommorrow that say VIP Guest and their name... pretty funky if you ask me - which you didn't... but Oh well lol.

Here's to Rosie's first 10 years and lets hope she sees her 11th birthday LOL

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agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

happy birthday to our little baby!! it is marked on our calendar and she shares the same birth date as another friend of mine. she is so very pretty, hope she enjoys her party. kisses polly