Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's the start of the long weekend... bugger! forgot to put the wine in the fridge AGAIN!

Seems no matter what I do I am going to die.

My dietitian rang today and told me that my recent blood tests were all good except my homocystine level... had never heard of this before so she told me about it a bit then I consulted Google of course.

Seems this stuff if it is elevated causes you to have corony heart disease. BUT apparently if you take Elevit and increase my Vitamin B intake I may be able to reduce this. Apparently it is normal to have a reading of between 5 - 15. I sit at 16 which sounds close to me but puts me at 3 X the risk. I wonder if my levels were even higher before I lost weight?

My cholesterol is good, sitting at 4.3. We don't use a lot of butter or eat fatty things and I try and eat a lot of good fruits and vegetables these days. We also use Rice Bran Oil spread instead of butter or margarine. I started using this when I decided to cut canola oil out of our diets. I love the taste of butter for cooking and using as a spread but it's a pain in the butt to have at a spreadable consistancy all the time so looked for an alternative. Found this and it has lots of antioxidents and the plant sterol gamma oryzanol, shown to help reduce cholesterol absorption.

It is the school holidays now for Easter and I have an extra one for the duration so mother of Six at the moment. Busy Busy days ahead. Was given a blow today when told by the Dept that the parents of one of my charges are putting in a formal complaint about my care of their child. Can't go into it but Dept did say that they have no question in their mind about the quality of my care and that they appreciate me as a quality carer but that they were giving me the heads up if it goes ahead next week... I've been dealing with these parents for near to two years and it never gets easier. I can imagine how angry you would be if your child was taken into care, I really can... but really they are clutching at straws as court is looming so I have to try and not take it all personally. Wish me luck with that won't you!


i cant sew said...

yay!!! at last... it has been nice to read about all your charges, better you than me :) i must say fingers crossed none of ours did any sort of painting with their poo!
big smooches %*_*% rosey

i cant sew said...

tag your it!

i cant sew said...

bad spelling
sorry should have been
tag you're it

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