Tuesday, April 07, 2009

have had a busy day with a carer friend.. came home put little boy to bed as he was asleep and told gobble dock to have a rest ..

now Gobbledock has been annoying all afternoon keeping popping up out of bed... and the little boy unbeknowst to me had been painting his walls, body, toys and bed with SHIT!

Then to top it all off cat brought in a quail and house is covered in feathers and I had to go ask the man across the road to come and help,.. had to pull lounge room apart to catch the flaming thing ... once that was done I had to set to cleaning up the SHIT!...then baby came home...she's now crying on the floor as the big girl got her up for me and dumped on the floor.. great f**king help.. have bathed stinkarse boy and put him and Gobbledock in the playpen and just put the lounge room back together..

am waiting for another carer to bring some clothes over for the respite kid i have over easter.. then have to be presentable enough to get new girl off the kindy bus after her first day at kindy.. and to top it all off.. dept wont return my freaking calls and my caseworker just told me she has quit!

today sucks

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