Friday, September 05, 2008

And now she's BACK again!

Poor little baby girl spent a few nights in hospital after a panic by her mum and then the hospital stuffed up some tests and it came back as an infection, another test 24 hours later revealed that the first tests were contaminated and there was nothing wrong with her at all, but Mum isn't able to get it together for the moment to parent her, does not feel able to so she's with me until they can sort something out ... really who knows what is happening, never will until she goes or stays.

I'm doing okay being the mother to five children. Routine is so very important in my house.. without it we'd be up the creek. I find that I can't be very flexible at times and Rosie has a hard time with that but her time happens when the other children are in bed and they go to bed early so there is plenty of time for her to have time with me. She made out a written routine with her counsellor the other day so that is helping her understand that she has responsibilities as well if she wants me to give her one on one time in the evening.. .by her doing her chores and being ready for that time is very important.. I can be ready but there is no use in preparing for one on one if she's still carrying on about having a shower or emptying the dishwasher or feeding pets etc. Hopefully we will get our routines down pat soon!

Soccer grand finals tomorrow morning - wish us luck! hopefully the ground isn't too soggy and the kids have a great game. Afterwards we are going to a park for a BBQ for Father's day as her aunts and uncle and cousins are all coming to cheer her on so we will all be together tomorrow instead of Sunday.

Anyway.. bottles to be sterilised again...

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agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

good luck rosie!!!!!!!! routine is so very important and i have been called anal by many a person but i dont care what they think. mick and i need that time at night to be together and i am sure as the girls grow up that will change for us but at the moment it works. have fun in the park xxpolly